Why Consider Early Admission to Hospice Care?


Hospice care is a type of care option that focuses on improving the quality of life of patients who are experiencing advanced, life-limiting illnesses. With an emphasis on comfort, it provides an extra layer of support. While most families consider hospice during the end-of-life stage, it can also be provided earlier, such as in cases requiring Alzheimer’s dementia care. Here, we explore the reasons why you should consider early admission to hospice care:

  • Gain access to medical supplies and equipment.With hospice care, your loved one receives home care in Scottsdale, Arizona along with the provision of necessary equipment and supplies. This may entail a hospital bed, wheelchair, or commode to make it easier to manage your loved one’s needs with ease. Earlier access to these items can also help caregivers better cope with their loved one’s increasing needs.
  • Enhanced pain and symptom management.When hospice care is delivered earlier, hospice staff has the opportunity to care for the patient over the course of several months. Hence, your caregiver in Arizona provides individualized management of pain and symptoms. This enables caregivers to adjust your loved one’s medications over time, to provide as much comfort and relief as possible.
  • Support for the patient’s loved ones.With hospice care, family caregivers can take a much-needed break and tend to other responsibilities. In addition to respite support or care, hospice also provides bereavement support for the patient’s family. Earlier admission to hospice enables the hospice staff to offer bereavement support which lessens the overall grief experienced by the patient’s family members.

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