When Is the Right Time to Seek Hospice Services?

When a loved one is diagnosed with a serious illness, everyone in the family is concerned. As the disease progresses, you may notice signs that specialized care like hospice is needed. While it can be difficult to tell when the right time for hospice is, early admission aids in enhanced symptom management and improved quality of life. Here, we discuss the signs that indicate a need for hospice services:

  • Rapidly declining health

    Frequent trips to the emergency room or hospital due to complications related to your loved one’s terminal illness can be a sign that hospice care is appropriate. This is especially true if your loved one experiences symptoms like shortness of breath and chronic pain that require 24-hour care in Arizona to manage.

  • Noticeable behavioral changes

    Have you noticed behaviors that are out of character for your loved one? This may entail increasing problems with forgetfulness, confusion, and mental clarity. Communication may also become challenging due to irritability or restlessness. This is especially common among seniors requiring Alzheimer’s dementia care.

  • Difficulty with self-care activities

    Activities of daily living pertain to self-care tasks like feeding oneself, dressing and bathing independently, and using the bathroom. When your otherwise independent loved one rapidly requires hands-on assistance with these tasks, it could be a sign they need a caregiver in Arizona for additional support.

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