Visual Hacks for the Elderly with Dementia

visual-hacks-for-the-elderly-with-dementiaIt is no bluff- taking care of a person with dementia is not an easy feat. Certainly, challenges and misfits are coming on the way. There are plenty of factors why it is arduous to care for a patient with dementia, even Alzheimer’s disease.

As home care in Scottsdale, Arizona, we take care of matters for these patients to the tiny details. Little do we know, the visual aspect for people living with dementia plays a significant factor.

In our personal care in Arizona, we follow tricks to deal with our patients with dementia. We put importance on their vision. Hence, these visual hacks may help:

  • Contrasting the colors. It is the key to making items easy to be seen and for better visibility.
  • Making the lighting at home functional. Bright lights all the way is helpful, especially in areas that need to be seen.
  • Avoid complicated patterns in furniture, curtains, and pillowcases. Busy patterned furniture and decoration at home can create too much visual noise. This can lead to distraction and may cause a struggle with in-depth perception.
  • Our caregiver assigned to each senior home is trained to clean well. However, for patients with dementia, we make sure not to shine the floors too much. Reflective floors can be an issue for them.
  • Reduce shadows at home. Sundowning is common for patients with dementia- where they become extra confused at night. The shadow might trigger more confusion.

Heritage Home Care is here to partner with you in taking care of your senior loved ones. We have a line of exceptional care services to cater to your needs. Check our website for more information or call us.

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