Strategies to Reduce a Senior’s Risk of Falls


Being a leading home care agency, we are experts when it comes to fall prevention. Here are some of our recommendations to reduce your risk:

  • Consider assisted living services. With professional assistance, you can accomplish your daily living tasks with much ease. They can help make sure that you are safe every day.
  • With your doctor’s consent, exercise regularly. Physical activity can help improve or maintain your strength, balance, and coordination, thus reducing your risk of falls.
  • Add more lighting in your home. Sometimes the reason seniors fall is they don’t notice the tripping hazards as they walk. So, improving lighting can help them see better.
  • In line with the tripping hazards, keep your home clean and organized. Remove clutter, especially on the floor, like candy wrappers, fruit peels, wires, spills, and others, as a safety precaution.
  • Install handrails and grab bars for support, especially inside the bathroom and toilet. You should also add shower chairs, anti-slip rugs, and raised toilet seats.

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