Simple Steps You Can Do to Maximize Safety at Home

simple-steps-you-can-do-to-maximize-safety-at-homeFall-related injuries can happen anytime to your senior. As such, it is important to keep their home tidy and organized. Giving them space to move around will help maximize their range of motion and encourage them to stay active every day.

Therefore, our home care in Scottsdale, Arizona, would like to share some tips on how you can help maximize safety in your senior’s home. These are simple steps you can do anytime and within any budget range.

1. Remove loose carpeting and floorboards.
Loose flooring and carpets are tripping hazards. Avoid further risks by enlisting the help of experts who can remove and install new carpets and floors.

2. Place supportive devices throughout the home.
This means adding sturdy railings along the walls and stairs and grab bars in the toilet and bath. Replacing doorknobs with handlebars is also encouraged.

3. Non-slip mats and tiles are key.
Give their bathroom and kitchen a makeover. Replace slippery tiles with non-slip varieties to give their feet support and grip.

4. Install bright lights.
Check their home and list all of the areas they frequent. Aged eyes often have trouble adjusting to the darkness, so ensure to give your loved one the leverage to walk around without tripping.

5. Invest in a security system.
Installing a reliable security system will help you determine your senior’s safety at home and contact emergency services. Aside from security systems, enlisting the help of a reliable caregiver can also secure their welfare for as long as needed.

At Heritage Home Care, we value your loved one’s safety and wellness. As such, we offer dependable and high-caliber home care that focuses on their overall needs. We are also a trusted provider of personal care in Arizona. Call 480-418-4100 today.

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