Signs That Aftercare Is Lacking or Not Working

Care seems to be on a loop – we start giving it when it is deemed needed and cease it when it is no longer necessary. Our senior loved ones who have increased vulnerability due to age and health conditions may require more care from end to end.

Post-hospitalization care is a critical part of recovery. Know the signs you need to watch out for and prevent to ensure the care your loved one receives is the appropriate care needed.

  • Missed prescription doses

    Are there “extra” meds lying around? Does it seem like the number of supplies stays the same even after some scheduled doses? Missing medications can happen, which directly impacts a patient’s recovery. If your loved one is alone, a Companionship offer may give them a partner to keep track of some tasks.

  • New or worsening infections

    For patients with wounds, post-surgery care from our home care in Scottsdale, Arizona includes wound management. Failure to do so can lead to infection within the area or slow recovery from the operation. The surgical site must be attended to with extra care.

  • The disparity between ideal and actual status

    When a patient is discharged, there are milestones expected in their recovery. Variances are natural expectations, but when the actual condition of the patient is way beyond what the doctor has said, it may be time to get a closer look.

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