Signs of Malnutrition in the Elderly

signs-of-malnutrition-in-the-elderlyDifferent health issues can come from malnutrition, and the impact on one’s health can become more severe for the vulnerable population. For example, seniors who are not receiving enough nutrition are putting the effectiveness of their medications at risk.

Getting enough nutrients from healthy food and drinks is important to stay healthy. But, asking a senior if they had eaten enough may not always solicit an honest response (for a variety of reasons). It can be tough to put them on the stand. Instead, here are some signs that you can observe and evaluate so you are guided on the next step.

  • Unplanned or unexplained weight loss – losing weight is one of the key symptoms that a person is not getting enough nutrition, even if they claim they have been eating well.
  • Lack of energy, feeling tired, or weak– energy comes from the food we consume, and without enough, in the long run, our bodies cannot cope with the need to spend energy.
  • Getting sick easily or wounds not healing well – our immune system functions well when we are eating well. Fighting diseases, preventing infections, and healing wounds require energy and nutrients to be accomplished.

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