Promoting Safe Senior Mobility at Home

promoting-safe-senior-mobility-at-homeMovement is a fundamental capacity and skill to perform a task by ourselves. Unfortunately, health issues or natural decline due to age can make movement difficult or uncomfortable.

Safe mobility can be achieved with guidance from reasonable considerations. Movement may not be the same as before, but there are ways we can promote moving around the house as safely as possible.

  • Assess everyone’s capability.

    Be certain of the senior’s physical and mental capability. How long can they sustain their movement? Do they need assistive walking devices? Check if the family can assist with the movement when necessary.

  • Determine mobility goals.

    We go back to the seniors – what is their goal? Do they want to be able to move around the home without supervision? Do they want to be able to do bathroom tasks by themselves?

  • Recognize what is needed to achieve objectives.

    When we recognize what we can and detail what we want to achieve, we will be able to see what will be needed to achieve the objectives. If a loved one wants to be able to use the bathroom with their limited range and strength, installing grab bars and moving the layout to an arm’s length may be able to do the trick.

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