Preventing Hospitalization in the Elderly (Part 2)


Hospitals save lives. But you won’t find many people wanting to spend time there.

Most medical practitioners believe our ultimate goal should be to stay healthy enough to avoid a hospital visit. It is especially true for the elderly. Professionals who interact with elders frequently find that hospitalized seniors don’t usually return home in the same condition. Alternatively, they don’t return home at all.

Here are three more ways to help you avoid the hospital:

  • Minimize Fall Hazards in the Home
    Falls are one of the leading causes of hospitalization in the elderly. However, we can prevent it from happening at home through simple lifestyle changes and living arrangements modification. Partnering with a reliable home care agency can help you or a loved one prevent falls from happening.
  • Don’t Ignore Symptoms
    Many seniors end up in the hospital due to illnesses that are treatable with early diagnosis and a course of medication. However, no need to worry about post-hospitalization care of your loved ones because we got it covered.
  • Get a Flu Vaccination
    As we age, the flu takes longer to recover from and has a greater impact on our systems. Fortunately, obtaining a flu shot in Arizona is as simple as going to your pharmacy for a free flu shot. Nonetheless, elders should see their doctors to ensure that they are healthy enough to receive the vaccine and that if they are not, their family members and regular visitors receive the vaccine to help prevent the spread of the flu.

You are not alone if you or a loved one require personal care in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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