Post-Operative Care Tips for Seniors

post-operative-care-tips-for-seniorsAfter a painful surgery, one needs rest. Recovery is a critical phase because the body has undergone many treatments and has taken a lot of medications. Albeit pain is temporary, it’s still important to take rest after your operation so that you can heal faster.

Heritage Home Care, your provider of personal care in Scottsdale, Arizona, has some post-operative care tips for you. Hereunder are some of them:

  • Rest and medicate accordingly.

    Take the medications prescribed by your doctor on time and correct doses. Go back to the clinic for a follow-up check-up as well. Follow specific instructions such as wound care tips, ambulation, and changing of catheters. If you need professional assistance on this, we provide 24-hour care in Arizona.

  • Be extra careful.

    Homemaking is very important. Unnecessary things at home should not be protruding to avoid accidents. Install handrails on the stairs for extra caution. Make sure your bathroom is also dry to avoid slips. To ensure safety at home, our caregiver in Arizona is also available.

  • Correct diet is a must.

    After your operation, there are food items you are allowed to eat and not. Make sure you eat freshly cooked and healthy foods so you can recover faster.

All of these are part of your post-operative and post-hospitalization care. Follow these tips religiously so you can keep track of your progress and heal naturally.

If you need professional post-operative care, you can always call us. We also offer respite care to give primary caregivers a temporary break from caregiving. Contact us to get started!

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