Physical Changes an Aging Person Undergoes

Heritage Home Care, your provider of home care in Scottsdale, Arizona, understands that every individual undergoes drastic physical changes as they grow old and that’s inevitable.

As a caregiver in Arizona, hereunder are some of the physical changes our elderly patients are undergoing:

  • Weight loss.

    When your elderly folks are losing weight, that’s normal because it’s part of the aging process. However, when they’re losing 10 pounds or more, that’s when you start worrying about their health because it can affect their day-to-day tasks and even make them susceptible to falls.

  • Bone and Muscle Frailty.

    They are unable to stand for long hours because their bones are not strong enough to hold their bodies anymore. Their muscles are also getting vulnerable.

  • Extreme exhaustion.

    They feel tired most of the time and a mere 8-hour sleep won’t solve them. They tend to feel tired and sleepy although they got an ample amount of rest.

When you start noticing these changes in your senior loved ones, it’s time you seek professional assistance for them. Our home care agency has a roster of qualified, diligent, and emphatic caregivers to cater to their needs, especially their personal care needs.

We also offer respite care to give you a temporary break from your caregiving responsibilities. With us, you can be confident that your loved ones are safe, secure, and satisfied with our home care services.

Contact us for your home care needs, especially our Alzheimer’s Dementia care. Give us a call!

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