Meaningful Benefits of Companion Care for Seniors


To stay healthy, we all know that exercise, proper nutrition, and getting sufficient amounts of sleep are the fundamental steps that we should take. But, according to research, social interaction also plays an important role in living a long and healthy life.

Seniors are at a higher risk of social isolation and feelings of loneliness which may result in a decline, both in their mental and physical health. Companionship provides meaningful connection and improves the quality of life. Know more about its benefits below.

  • Longer lifespan

    A caregiver that provides seniors with a social connection helps in combating conditions like isolation and depression. Prevent your senior loved ones from feeling isolated and reduce their risk of premature death with companionship services at home.

  • Reduces risk of heart disease

    According to a study, 29% of people suffering from loneliness and social isolation are likely to develop coronary heart disease. But, with companion care, you can not only alleviate feelings of loneliness but also improve the seniors’ heart health.

  • Faster recovery
    Personal care in Arizona together with companionship helps patients recover faster from the pain of surgery, according to neuroscientists. Make sure to spend time with your loved ones or hire professional companionship services to help lower their inflammation levels and aid their recovery process.

Heritage Home Care offers home care in Scottsdale, Arizona. We put your loved one’s welfare to achieve their overall well-being, equipped with the knowledge, skills, and experience to manage your loved one’s condition. Our care plans are personalized to your needs and preferences made possible by our compassionate caregivers. To know more about our services, call us at 480-418-4100 today.

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