Keeping Seniors Independent at Home

keeping-seniors-independent-at-homeMany seniors love doing things on their own. It might be because of pride or passion – some seniors would refuse any help from others. They experience a loss of strength and agility that makes them susceptible to accidents at home.

Independence is an essential part of their seniorhood. It gives them a sense of dignity and fulfillment. As much as they want to do their tasks, most of the time, they can not do without supervision. As they age, seniors may need a Caregiver to assist them with their daily routine.

So how can we keep them independent while receiving Personal Care in Arizona? Here are some examples:

  • Let them help with tasks like food preparation or indoor plant watering.
  • Put handlebars in shared areas if they prefer walking on their own.
  • Allow them to do their hobbies.
  • Let them choose the clothes they want to wear.
  • Support them if they want modifications and decorations at home.

Of course, not all seniors can do these. They have to know the possible scenarios if they keep refusing your help.

Heritage Home Care understands how the elderly feel. There are things that they usually do when they were young that they are unable to do now. And it brings a feeling of disappointment, failure, and despair.

And that is why we are here to provide inclusive Home Care in Scottsdale, Arizona. We will assess what they can still do and give the right amount of assistance for balance. We always aim for their satisfaction.

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