How to Make Thanksgiving Healthy and Safe for Seniors


Each year, Thanksgiving is a special time for older adults to spend with their families and loved ones. However, this festive season can also cause health issues. Older adults at home or in assisted living who celebrate the holiday tend to experience changes in their routines and unhealthy meal choices that affect their well-being. Likewise, we will share ways to make the holiday a safe and healthy time for older adults:

  • Prepare healthy food options.

    Older adults have different nutritional needs than other members of the family. Their favorite dishes can be adjusted to make them more suitable for their health and diet. Prepare healthy snacks and make sure seniors stay hydrated to avoid putting their health in danger.

  • Commit to a medication schedule.

    It’s common for seniors to face challenges with their memory. This can make it difficult for them to manage their medications. A caregiver in Arizona can make sure they do not overlook their medications. At the height of the holiday season, caregivers can provide medication reminders to ensure optimal health.

  • Make time for rest.

    In the excitement of the holidays, seniors may become too active without realizing it. With 24-hour care in Arizona, seniors and their families can rest assured they avoid overexertion. In addition to planning frequent downtime during the holiday period, family members can keep seniors involved by planning activities that do not require too much physical activity, such as sitting down to a movie or playing card and board games.

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