How to Ensure Safety for Someone with Dementia

how-to-ensure-safety-for-someone-with-dementiaRisks can come from anything, and if our loved one has health conditions, the risks could be higher. Taking care of a dementia patient can become challenging if we consider the dangers at hand.

Fortunately, the family can take safety precautions to augment the situation. Here are some of the different strategies you can try at home when a loved one suffers from dementia.

  • Improve navigation, especially during the night. During the day, ensure ample lighting from secured windows. At night, make sure light switches are immediately recognizable and within reach. You can also consider motion-sensitive lighting.
  • Install feedback systems such as carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms to address urgent situations as soon as it happens. Electrical cords should be tucked safely to prevent accidents, and outlets are protected from spills and others.
  • Avoid lock-in problems by removing the locks on interior doors. A latch or deadbolt placed above or below eye level can be the source of security without the danger of getting locked in. An extra set of keys should be hidden in an easy-to-remember (under their favorite things) and accessible location (frequented areas).

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