How to Encourage Healthy Dental Habits

how-to-encourage-healthy-dental-habitsTaking care of the teeth remains an important habit through our senior years. Even if the majority of the teeth have been replaced with dentures, healthy dental habits can make a positive impact on the person.

However, doing these habits may require more effort from our senior family members. Let our care provider help encourage your loved one to keep up with healthy oral care through the following strategies.

Make each task easy. Whether it is brushing their teeth, flossing, and many more, tools should be within reach so a person does not need to extend a lot of effort in doing the activity. Everything should be in place, and supplies should be available when needed.

Make each task important. Keeping reminders on how important it is to prevent plaque and address other tooth problems is a good foundation to motivate them.

Make each task fun. Who says flossing or rinsing the mouth with antiseptic mouthwash is boring? Good oral health can also be about fun. Keep track of every successful brushing or flossing for some prize at the end. Alzheimer’s Dementia Care can get complex depending on your loved one’s needs.

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