Helping Your Senior Loved One to Manage Weight

helping-your-senior-loved-one-to-manage-weightManaging weight is about staying within the healthy weight range appropriated based on the person’s health condition. Some people may have difficulty keeping track of their weight, while others may experience more ease. Whichever side it may be, managing weight is a crucial matter to ensure your loved one’s health.

If you have a senior family member, you understand how critical weight management can be. Health complications can come from too many pounds as well as too little. Yes, being underweight is also a problem as it can put the senior at risk.

Helping a loved one to manage weight starts with understanding the senior’s health profile. Are they overweight or underweight? How much weight is ideal for their situation? How many pounds are they from their target weight?

Your physician may suggest weight management practices for your senior loved one. Suggestions can also come from a nutritionist and other members of the healthcare industry but always ensure you are listening to the authorities and avoid wasting time listening to fad weight management practices.

Let your loved ones know you are with them every step of the way – from ensuring their diet is achieved to helping them adjust to some changes in their lifestyle.

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