Handling Aggressive Dementia Behavior

For caregivers who provide Alzheimer’s dementia care to a patient, they understand that even while memory loss and difficulty understanding are the most apparent symptoms of dementia, its behavioral and psychological changes can be just as difficult for them to deal with.

Dementia patients may act irrationally when fearful, irritated, furious, or in pain or discomfort because they cannot adequately express these feelings.

In our years of providing personal care in Scottsdale, Arizona, to seniors with dementia, we have observed that as the first line of defense in therapy, non-pharmaceutical treatments such as attention redirection, validation, and other behavioral-management strategies are highly suggested in handling these challenging behaviors.

Before adding pharmacological intervention, a clinical review that begins with assessing the behavior, establishing its day-to-day impact (such as sleeplessness or safety issues), and working on changeable environmental variables should be explored.

If a family caregiver cannot handle these stressful situations, it is best to seek assistance from professionals who understand the stress, strains, and nuances of providing such care.

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