Getting Your Home Ready for Post-Hospitalization


Are you wondering what could happen after surgery? Care doesn’t stop after hospitalization, the patient will need personal care in Scottsdale, Arizona, at home. Thus, take note of the following:

  • Make your home wheelchair and equipment accessible.
    Post-hospitalization care may involve the frequent use of wheelchairs, home care bed, and medical equipment like oxygen tanks, Android other life support equipment at home. Wider rooms and entrances can help move this equipment around.
  • Install safety devices.
    Safety handrails, grab bars, and poles can be placed around the bathroom, walls, stairs, and near the bed. Place non-slip mats on and outside the tub and also outside the bathroom. Make sure everything they need is accessible to seniors without the need to reach out or tiptoe, even with the presence of grab bars. Or get personal care in Scottsdale, Arizona to make things easier for your seniors.
  • Keep the floor clean and damage-free.
    Remove clutter and keep the floor dry. Also, fix broken tiles for the safe movement of people and equipment.

When your loved ones may need care at home, so ensure their comfort and convenience, as well as the people who will provide them 24-hour care in Arizona. Let our compassionate professionals at Heritage Home Care take care of them.

Companionship matters during the vulnerable days of their lives. Contact us should you decide about getting our services.

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