Effective Ways to Keep Seniors Motivated to Exercise


A physically active lifestyle is an effective way for older adults to maintain independence and gain substantial health benefits. However, making exercise a priority can be difficult for seniors due to factors like impaired mobility and chronic pain. As your reliable home care agency, we will share effective tips to keep older adults motivated to exercise:

  • Make exercise enjoyable and engaging.

    While some seniors prefer to sweat it out on a treadmill, others find this type of activity uninteresting. The key to helping seniors stick to exercise is to make the activity enjoyable for them. This may entail putting on music that they like or incorporating physical activity with their hobbies, such as gardening, birdwatching, or playing golf.

  • Incorporate exercise into their routine.

    Seniors are more likely to exercise if it’s already a convenient part of their day. In addition to providing respite care, care providers can help seniors stick to their routines. This may entail combining physical activity that’s part of their schedule, such as walking the dog, completing simple household chores, or going for an afternoon stroll.

  • Add a social element to the exercise.

    Another way to keep older adults engaged and motivated to exercise is to make it more social. Companionship can be a great motivator and helps seniors stay focused on their fitness goals. A family member or neighbor can be their exercise buddy or they may consider joining fitness groups designed for older adults.

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