Effective Strategies to Improve Home Safety for Seniors


Growing older poses several challenges to our mental and physical health. During the golden years, we undergo physical changes that may affect our bone and muscle health. Hence, it’s important to maintain a safe and secure environment to prevent falls and injuries. Here, we take a look at effective strategies to enhance home safety for seniors.

  • Create a safe environment.

    To prevent fall-related accidents, remove trip hazards from the home. This may entail removing throw rugs or adding a rubber backing to ensure they stick on the floor. Remove other fall hazards like electric cords and objects that can cause tripping. A caregiver in Arizona can pick up loose piles of mementos, clothing, and other items that cause clutter.

  • Establish healthy routines.

    Aside from making changes to your loved one’s environment, a provider of home care in Scottsdale, Arizona can help them establish healthy routines. Older adults can benefit from healthy lifestyle choices that include social interaction, well-balanced nutrition, good sleep, and physical activity.

  • Manage medications safely.

    A provider of 24-hour care in Arizona can help seniors keep track of their medications. This may entail providing medication reminders, as well as throwing away old or expired medications. Caregivers can also help seniors organize their medications in a weekly pillbox or dispenser to reduce the risk of double-dosing.

We at Heritage Home Care prioritize your care and well-being above all else. If your elderly loved one prefers to receive care at home instead of at an assisted living facility, we offer a wide range of services to meet their needs. Reach out to us for more information.


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