Care for the Elderly: Better in Your House or Theirs?

If you think your aging parent needs assistance or companionship, you may be torn between providing that care in their home or inviting them to move in with you.

Before everything else, the person receiving care should have a voice in all choices that affect them. Involving them in the decision-making process may hold things down, but it’s vital to the plan’s success.

It’s a massive deal for you and your parent if they decide to move in with you. However, the nature of your relationship must be established before making this call.

Ask yourself these questions: How well do you two usually get along? Can they readily accept assistance? Will helping them create more difficulties for you and your loved ones than they solve?

Consider the possibility that your loved one’s care needs will increase over time.

Lastly, whether it’s a member of the family or a paid caregiver, one of the most overlooked aspects of care is the limits of the selected caregiver. A caregiver’s abilities are limited, and there are several things they should never do. Such responsibilities need to be addressed beforehand.

Schedules should be worked out to show consideration for the caregiver’s commitments. When a substitute for the primary caregiver is required, respite care must be considered.

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